Maximiliano Pablo Götz

Maximiliano Götz is a licensed professional with over 25 years’ experience in real estate and management, with M. Götz Negocios Inmobiliarios (MGNI) servicing the City of Buenos Aires, the Province of Buenos Aires, as well as being a member of the US-based and internationally-recognized National Association of Realtors® (NAR).
His elementary, middle and high school education was completed at the international school in La Lucila, in the Province of Buenos Aires (Lincoln School). Though born and raised in Buenos Aires, his American-born grandparents and American-raised mother were instrumental in his picking up of the minutiae of English-speaking client relations, which in turn proved essential to garner a foot in each culture, and more aptly cater to both the Argentine and international cultural mindset. He later attended Universidad del Salvador and Universidad Nacional de la Matanza.
MGNI caters to the local market as well as the international traveler and investor, in all matters pertaining to real estate investing and management in Argentina, offering a one-stop shop solution. The firm specializes in international transactions: assistance to foreigners in the purchase and sale of real estate, property management services, appraisals, and consultancy.
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