There's a degree to which - culturally speaking - we tend to jump over Dollars to pick up Pennies. Many times that's never more true than in the real estate industry.

The client expects to be charged through the nose. A colleague expects to have to go ten rounds to get his cut out of the deal. And so; we, all of us, do our level-best to, as we say here, llevar agua a nuestro molino. In other words: do what's in our best interest.

It's entirely possible that, if nothing else, COVID-19 allows us to re-examine the methodology by which we work, and make a concerted effort to look beyond what we can make today monetarily, to what a long-term relationship with our local market could become.



Our experience, at the very least, has been this: Give away a little... don't give away the store; don't throw the baby away with the bath water; but give away a little. 

Leave some money on the table. One of two things will happen: a client and/or colleague will not care, let alone remember your name. Or, they will remember this and come back to you; recognizing something different in the way business is done.

To be sure, it's very difficult to consider the pockets of others when one has his own pockets and family and obligations to look to. This is never more true than in a country such as my own, in an economy under severe duress, during a time of worldwide pandemics and economic downturns.

But the long-term result, the long-term gain to a business and to a person looking to make his way economically, and with the added benefit of growing professionally, is without a doubt positive.

23 de Marzo, 2022