Years ago, I had a Contractual Law professor who mentioned something that stuck with me. A seasoned lawyer, his greatest fear upon any case he tried, was coming head to head with a new, young attorney. My thoughts immediately went to 'well, why? no doubt this guy has the benefit of experience and can probably win any argument against a newly-minted colleague'. He seemed to indicate, the professor, that with anyone of similar age and experience, he'd know the different tactics that the other guy would use; but with someone who doesn't quite yet know the law and procedures, you're up against a guy who might bring something completely out of left field.

And so, our guy's best-laid plans go right out the window, as he tries to understand what this monkey with a knife is doing, as he swings and  swings.



It's in that spirit that we feel that those of you in the market should be on the lookout for two things. 
The first is if the person he's entering into a business deal with is legit, honest, forthright. While this may sound like a no-brainer, it's sometimes not so easy to spot (that is, after all, how they get through the door).

The second thing, perhaps just as important, is if the guy knows just what in the hell he's talking about. An immoral or otherwise unscrupulous broker is going to be just as dangerous to you as an ill-educated, little-knowing broker; to say nothing of people working in real estate that don't
even have a license.

A lack of knowledge and know-how is just as big a problem as a lack of scruples. It takes the client down a path of potential trouble and  complication.

23 de Marzo, 2022